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You can take your personal safety and security into your own hands - anywhere, any Time.
BUCKLER BAG - Security. Safety. Now

Security, Safety, Self-Dense. These days, you can hear these buzz words everywhere. Violence and crime rates are on the rise. More and more citizens feel unsafe - on the streets and at home. The crime statistics prove that this feeling is not unfounded... times ARE much more dangerous. But FEAR or PANIC will not help you at all, and both are NOT NECESSARY - they only destroy your life and limit you. So how CAN you live safer, with less fear - at home, on the streets, when taking a run in the park, on vacation, at work...? Here's the good news: YOU CAN INFLUENCE YOUR PERSOBAL SECURITY DIRECTLY! People are too often unaware how they have the power to INCREASE their OWN PERSONAL SAFETY. BUCKLER BAG is such a way. Take your own security into your own hands - literally! BUCKLER BAG is a pro-active, efficient and SAFE WAY to block and defend yourself against vicious attacks with knives, machetes, clubs, sticks, pipes or unarmed attacks. BUCKLER BAG. Just be safe now. Check out more pics and videos on our FACEBOOK page...

Protection NOW - for EVERYONE

EVERYONE - women, men, the young, senior citizens - can efficiently defend and protect themselves with BUCKLER BAG. Now you can literally take your security into your own hands.

Secure Safety and protection

BUCKLER BAG stops attacks with edged weapons, blunt weapons, punches and kicks, and can even protect against visious dogs. Using BUCKLER BAG is intuitive, instinctive, safe and easy.

Unobtrusive and legal

BUCKLER BAG looks and carries like a regular shoulder bag. At the same time, BUCKLER BAG is an effective SHIELD, can be carried everywhere, is legal, an ideal equipment for secuity staff.

Durable Design

BUCKLERBAG is robust, rugged, uses stab- and slash resistant materials in order to stop aggressive attacks even with knives, machetes, sticks, pipes, clubs. It resists high impact strikes and SAVES YOU.

Simple Training

Private citizens and security staff alike can increase the personal safety manifold. We offer a complete, yet simple training to teach you how to effectively use BUCKLER BAG. YOU can use it to save YOUR LIFE.

BUCKLER BAG - Security. Safety. Now. Check out more info, pictures and videos on FACEBOOK...

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What exactly is a Buckler Bag?

BUCKLER BAG is - fundamentally - a shoulder bag but with a special design, registered with the Patent Office, a long with logo and trade mark. This special design makes BUCKLER BAG a buckler, a small shield. It use stab and slash resistant materials. BUCKLER BAG safely blocks and stops attacks with knives, machetes, an axe, pipe, stick, club and will give you protection even against massvie blows, and stop punches and kicks. BUCKLER BAG can protect your WHOLE BODY, unlike a slash resistsant piece of clothing. The training system we developed is SAFE, EASY and is based on instinctive reactions even a CHILD already knows. BUCKLER BAG is effective for private citizens and sefety staff alike. Even if you already USE a self-defense method, BUCKLER BAG will greatly enhance your safety. Carry your own SECURITY SYSTEM, whereever you go. Legal, unobtrusive, effective, safe. At home, on the street, when taking a walk or run, at work, on vacation. Anywhere, any time.

What the origin of BUCKLER BAG?

"Buckler" is the term for a small shield, as used through centuries up until the middle ages and even beyond. It was meant mainly to protect the sword carrying hand. A Buckler is not used to staticly take a blow but to deflect, to block, to restrict movement of an attacker and to counter. This is exactly how BUCKLER BAG is being used, too. We - Cobra Systems LLC - have developed this shield with a team of professionel close protection instructors and experts. The training system and BUCKLER BAG have been tested in real close protection and security assignment and proven highly effective. The training system allows ANYONE to safely use BUCKLER BAG for enhanced personal protection. We offer video courses, seminars and instructor training.

Who can use BUCKLER BAG?

BUCKLER BAG has been firstly developed by international security professionals to use it as protective equipment in security details and assigments, especially when an unobtrusive protection is warranted and required. Since knife attacks are on the rise worldwide this protection became more and more important. After some time of research it became clear that BUCKLER BAG is also the perfect accessiore for the private citizen in order to protect themselves safely against attacks with edged or blunt weapons. The training system is instinctive and very easy to learn. ANYONE can use BUCKLER BAG, young, old, men, women, even kids. The level of security is very high with BUCKLER BAG. Even if you already use self-defense techniques you will easily realize that it is MUCH SAFER to use a shield than it is to use bare hands... BUCKLER BAG. Security and Safety NOW. For everone, everywhere, any time.

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Take your personal security into your own hands...

BUCKLER BAG - Security. Safety. Now.

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